Corporate Films

Our ‘Invisible Energy Productions’ division focuses on Corporate and Special Interest Films.

Film documentation of Corporate Events
We can film your corporate event from start to finish, edit it and deliver it to you in the format of your choice.

Advertising and Promotional Films
We can create a film to promote your business. Whether you need it produced for Television or Social Media we’ve got you covered!

Instructional Films
We can make an effective training film for your company. We will meet with you and discuss both the content and the “feel” that you’re looking for.

Product Demonstration Films
We can create a film that introduces your product and clearly demonstrates how it works.

Documentary Films
We can make you a full length or short documentary film about a subject of your choice.

Legacy Films
We can create a film about the life of someone special in your family, complete with interviews, music, photos and special footage.

Live Performance Films
We can film your live performance from beginning to end and edit it to create a very impactful performance film.

Demo Films for Artist and Performers
We want to support your artistic endeavors! We can create a film promoting your talent and work as an artist.