Live Streaming

Live Streaming offers a safe way to share your wedding or special event!

It’s true that services like Facebook, YouTube and Zoom make live streaming fairly easy. However, they don’t help you with the quality of the stream. Live streaming a ceremony using these services with a smart phone or laptop doesn’t usually achieve satisfactory results. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Streaming this way usually only gives you one camera angle.
  • The microphone picking up the audio is on a smart phone or laptop. This means the microphone will be too far away from the officiant (and you and your sweetheart) for people watching the stream to actually hear the ceremony and the vows.

The truth is, creating a High-Quality Live Stream requires state of the art video and audio equipment. Here’s how we handle the challenges of live streaming to make sure that your friends and family watching your ceremony will have a wonderful viewing experience.

  • We use the same professional cameras for live streaming that we use to film any of the other aspects of your wedding day.
  • We use professional live streaming hardware and software that gives us up to 4 camera angles to switch between during your ceremony. This ensures that your friends and family watching will see all of the important moments (including close-up camera angles.)
  • We will put a wireless microphone on you or your sweetheart that will successfully pick up your vows and the ceremony. This microphone will feed directly to our main camera which will (in turn) feed directly to your live stream.

These are unprecedented times. And we will continue to respond in a way that acknowledges the fact that COVID-19 will not stop people from falling in love and getting married! We’ve got this. All of us. And we will get through these times together!