Wedding Films

98% of Brides who decided not to get a wedding film said that they regretted their decision. (Huffington Post)

Wedding Packages
Our wedding packages are completely customizable. This allows us to make your Wedding Film truly special and unique to you. In terms of pricing, most of our clients choose packages in the $2400 price range. Below is a partial list of what we have to offer.

Cinematic Wedding  Film
This is an 8 to 12-minute cinematic film telling the story of your wedding day. It highlights your favorite moments and lets you relive your Wedding Experience time and time again!

Same Day Edit
We can create a 4 to 6 minute film with some beautiful moments of your wedding day and screen it for all to see during your reception!

Streaming Services
We can Live Stream your Wedding Ceremony or Special Event. This option may be perfect for your needs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online Delivery Service
When your Wedding Film has been completed, we will create a personalized web page for you. Your password protected web page will allow you (or anyone of your choosing) to view and/or download your Cinematic Wedding Film!

Drone Footage
Why not open your wedding film with Beautiful Aerial Footage? This will capture stunning shots of the venue and surrounding areas just like a Hollywood movie!

Instagram Film
This is a 55 second highlights film ready for you to post on Instagram (or other social media platforms.) A creative way to share your good news.

Documentary-Style Films
These films document your Ceremony, your Toasts and/or your Special Dances. They preserve your wedding experience exactly as it happened.